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Sophia Zaïme

Sophia is a wine expert and the founder of Madame Wine.

Sophia’s passion for wine began while working at the prestigious Parisian Wine Cellar “Caves Legrand Filles & Fils,” followed by a degree at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London. In 2014, Sophia created “Madame Wine,” an enterprise providing customized services to discerning wine lovers around the world. Sophia considers the proper understanding and enjoyment of wine as an integral part of the art of living, as well as a symbol of French know-how, tradition and innovation.  Sophia derives great pleasure from seeking out new vintages and vineyards, from continuing to learn about the many aspects of winemaking and serving, and above all, sharing her passion, her experiences and her stories with others.

At a young age, you founded your own company, Madame Wine, which specializes in a variety of wine services, from curating to consulting. What inspired you to make your mark on the wine industry in France and what was the biggest obstacle you encountered?

I have always been driven by a passion for wine and the desire to create an emotion in others. There have been many obstacles: at the time I was young and being a woman in the wine industry is not always well received. Also, my nationality and origin shocked many people, but I am a passionate, determined, and courageous person. I don’t take no for an answer.

On the Madame Wine website your shop offers various three bottle boxes that are tailor-made to “fit the moment.” How do you feel wine complements and enhances moments whether they be in a business or social setting?

Wine is a very powerful social vector. It facilitates human relations and helps to create bonds, whether it’s in business or in a friendly circle.  With my team, we have worked a lot on the psychology of our clients to understand their different moods and to identify the wines that match each of these moments. 

With Secret Journeys, you lead our Champagne region journey. The Champagne region is already quite popular for those interested in wine, so how do you try to show guests a side of the region that they wouldn’t normally see?

My second name is Passe-Partout [a key that opens any lock]. I’ve been going through the Champagne region for 10 years now.  I have a deep affection for this region which hides many treasures, and I firmly believe that living the experience of Champagne is better than talking about it. 

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